2011 Senior Royalty



The Philosophy of Senior America is based upon the belief that Seniors are the foundation of America and one of our most valuable treasures.  It is upon their experience, knowledge, and resources that the younger generation can build a better tomorrow.

The Purpose of Senior America is to dispel the myths of aging by promoting activities for Seniors to grow mentally, physically and spiritually, drawing on their experiences from the past, their knowledge of the present and their enthusiasm for the future.

This Pageant was established to honor the dignity and talents of women who have reached the "Age of Elegance" and sends the message of their value to the whole community. 

It was founded by Dr. Al Mott, of Asbury Park, New Jersey in 1972 as part of his Lifetime Ministry to the community's seniors.  In 1980, he made Senior America a non-profit social service organization. 501(c)(3) This year we celebrate Senior America's 30th Anniversary!

There are currently over 40 US States and Territories participating by holding pageants to find their own very special Senior Women.  One woman is selected to represent her state in the National Pageant.


Searching for the New 2011 Utah Senior America!